Pastor introduction

☆ Greetings ☆


Thank you for your visiting Kohoku new town Bible Baptist Church’s web site.

We are striving to build a town without bullying or abuse.
That is a great theme for our mission.

Every sunday we have a church school for children, a worship service.
We have a picture book reading class for small children + their parents called “2 fish library” on week days.
By this class we have served the community long before the public library was established.

In addition, though teaching sign language, we hope we will be encouragement to hard hearing people.
On Thursday morning we hold lady’s meeting, on Thursday, college students meeting,
Saturday, junior high school students & high school students meeting.

We have meetings for every age group.

New comers are very welcome.
Please visit our church.

You will find the meaning of life and the way to happiness.

Pastor Kage Tokuho

Greeting by the sign language from a pastor☆ Profile ☆
Kage Tokuho
1956, born in Fukuoka
Saved and baptized during high school.
Nihon Fukushi University Social welfare degree
Six years, a facility-for-mentally-challenged-children instructor and a counselor
Graduated from a Japanese Baptist Bible College
Kohoku new town Bible Baptist Church Pastor
Tamagawa Seigakuin The former PTA chairman, the present councl member
NPO “five breads” chairmen of the board of directors
Japanese Baptist Bible College Teacher
JBBF Overseas mission member
Yokohama sign language technical authorization translator
The 2nd class of care helper holderClick here to contact the pastor Kage.